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TraBot is a PHP based IRC-bot for the IRC network of the online game Omerta.
The website is the place to be for all Omerta statistics, user history and much more.

Current TraBot version: 2.7.5

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TraBot features:

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The end of TraBot Stats
In Site News at Tue 19 May 13:28:05
Hi Guys, after months of half-working stats and slow updates, I'm making it official. stats will stop existing. It takes too much effort to update the stats system to the new Omerta version and I simply don't have the time or motivation. The TraBot IRC bot will continue to be active, with a big thanks to Xipz0r who has been running the bot for a while already.

More stats!
In Site News at Mon 16 May 22:42:08
The family info had a revisit, and also there is now a hitlist page + other changes.

New users statistics
In Site News at Fri 13 May 15:34:30
New statistics available, lists of new users at any given time.

Server Problems - Solved
In Site News at Fri 14 Jan 19:18:40
Problems gone, all bots running fine again.

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